Audrey Hepburn Fashion: Save It for a Rainy Day

ddb79d664e93f1ee9453b2bb5819a752The Style: Low-key, rainy-day chic. Audrey’s ponytail gives off a “who cares” vibe, while her glamorous take on the raincoat says, “I do (but just a little).”

Why It’s So Audrey: There’s something ever-so-slightly Parisian about this look. It comes down to the hood on the trench, combined with those gloves. And even when Audrey went with basics, she never was basic: the high pony and pink lip here give the outfit the kind of girlish flair that characterized her Hollywood style.

Why It’s Classic:

  • The Hair! Just a high pony, you say? Yes–but what a high pony! The sleekness, the bangs, the slight curl under–a lot of work went into this “easy” style.
  • The Makeup! Classic no-makeup makeup here. Don’t believe me? That’s a pretty bright lip…
  • The Clothes! Nothing’s more classic than a trench, but make it more interesting (and more practical, a hard balance to strike) with a hood and some gloves.

Make It Your Own




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