Marilyn Monroe Jeans

If you’re a die-hard Marilyn Monroe fan who’d like to drop the bandage dresses and towering heels for just a little while, you’re probably wondering what Marilyn’s jeans were like. After all, she had to relax some of the time, right? And who better to show the all-time sexiest, most flattering, most—

Marilyn Monroe Jeans - Classic Fashion Icons

Oops. Sorry, guys. Marilyn Monroe did wear jeans, but when she did:

  1. It was the exception, rather than the rule, and
  2. It was the 1950s, so her jeans sucked.

Again…I’m really sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Most of us have probably heard the term “mom jeans” before. “Mom jeans” have been around for about 30 years. And 30 years ago, you know when moms grew up?

That’s right: the 1950s.

So high-waisted it is. Tapered but not skinny? Oh, yeah.

Somehow both tight and unflattering on one of the sexiest figures of all time?

Yep. She did that too.

Now, a lot of the most unflattering pics are (clearly) posed studio shots. There are some more casual shots that give us a better sense of what “off-duty” Marilyn preferred, denim-wise, and it’s a whole lot better:

Marilyn Monroe Jeans -  Classic Fashion Icons

Even though we can’t even see to her knees, I’m so much happier just looking at the top of the jeans actually just above Marilyn’s hips, rather than above her navel, that I’d cast my vote for these in a heartbeat.

Ready to hear about the craziest beauty tips from Classic Hollywood? Grace, Audrey, Marilyn and more star in Old Hollywood Glamour!

Because let’s face it: what are our options, otherwise? We’ve got the fitted high waist:


Sure, it looks all right here, but what about when she stands up straight?

Yup. And that’s the FRONTAL view.

At the end of the day, Marilyn’s best denim look wasn’t on her legs. It was her aviator-inspired jean jacket that really looked amazing.


But don’t blame her, guys. While classic Hollywood gave us Dior’s New Look and Givenchy, it also had some pretty heinous stuff up its sleeves, too.


Not even the Hollywood studios tried to put Marilyn in THOSE jeans twice.

So forgive, forget. And find another star to inspire your look—at least when it comes to jeans.

…But that’s not all! Check out more of Marilyn’s fashion DOs and DON’Ts in Old Hollywood Glamour!

Marilyn Jeans


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