Audrey Hepburn’s Makeup: The Swingin’ 60s

Steal Audrey Hepburn's makeup look with a few simple tools! Mod 1960s makeup at its best.When talking about classic fashion, Audrey Hepburn’s makeup usually comes in a distant third to Audrey Hepburn’s clothing and Audrey Hepburn’s hair. And while, granted, her 1950s look wasn’t all that interesting (no judgment), 1960s Audrey Hepburn is something else.

There’s no denying that Audrey was just plain gorgeous. Though I’ve never seen a picture of her without makeup (to the best of my knowledge), chances are she was starting with a pretty good palette. So during the 1950s, she tended to stick to the era’s basics: cat-eye liner and red lips. And she looked pretty good doing it.

Audrey Hepburn’s Makeup: 1960s

I don’t have an exact date for the above photo, but chances are pretty good that it was taken in the late ’60s. Why?

Well, do you think glitter eyeshadow trends more towards the 1950s or the 1970s?


I’m fascinated by this photo. It’s so exactly Hepburn in the dreamy expression on her face, her elegant, impossibly long neck (who else’s neck would she have? You know what I mean), even that classic black lace at her throat.

And yet! Even for a star who’s so often cited as the epitome of classic Hollywood glamour, Hepburn’s totally on-(late ’60s)-trend here. As the amazing Stevie at Glamour Daze points out, the ’60s were all about the eyes, minimizing the 1950s emphasis on the lips. While Audrey hasn’t gone totally overboard here with white lipstick, that pale, pale pink is definitely a far cry from the 1950s Marilyn Monroe red.

In terms of other ’60s makeup trends? Let’s take a look:

False lashes? I’ll go out on a limb here and say, check. Dark liner (most likely liquid)? Check. Blue-green eyeshadow? Check.

The glitter is just a special Audrey touch.

Also, while rosy cheeks reined in the 1950s, the 1960s were much more about perfecting the face with foundation and powder, focusing way less on blush (if at all). You can see that in Hepburn’s makeup above: look at that gorgeous complexion!

Interestingly, Hepburn’s brows are less prominent here than they were in her youth. Maybe so as not to distract us from those gorgeous (though closed) eyes?

Finally–even though it’s not about her makeup per se–I love the sparkly echo of her earrings here.

Ready to hear about the craziest beauty tips from Classic Hollywood? Grace, Audrey, Marilyn and more star in Old Hollywood Glamour!

Audrey Hepburn Makeup Today

No lie, I would totally wear this look somewhere fun. I mean, it’s not exactly a daytime look, but how much truly glamorous stuff is?

Key takeaways:

  • Pale lips
  • Perfect skin (fake it with foundation if you’re mortal like the rest of us)
  • Heavy focus on the eye
    • Liquid liner
    • Intense shadow, darker in the crease of the eyelid
    • Tons of mascara–or fake lashes, if you dare!

…with a side of glitter and lace.

P.S. If you’re still craving more, Bethany at The Glamorous Housewife has a great video on adapting ’60s makeup so that it doesn’t look too “costume-y” but you still get that wide-eyed benefit. Check it out!

…But that’s not all! Check out more of Audrey’s fashion DOs and DON’Ts in Old Hollywood Glamour!

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