Audrey Hepburn’s Look: Spring/Summer


As the weather heats up, I’ve been obsessing over this Audrey Hepburn dress. In some ways, it’s so uncharacteristic of Audrey–but in others? Totally classic. Let’s break it down:

The Style

Girly, Fluttery, Feminine, Fun, Simple. This is everything.

Why It’s So Audrey

The femininity and simplicity of the style, along with the whimsy of the pattern, the pink, and the fitted bodice/flouncy skirt are somehow girlish and glamorous at the same time.

Ready to hear about the craziest beauty tips from Classic Hollywood? Grace, Audrey, Marilyn and more star in Old Hollywood Glamour!

Why It’s Classic

This is literally one-stop Hollywood glamour. The halter showing her gorgeous back and shoulders, the tan, the simple and elegant makeup, the skirt just short enough to show her legs going on for miles (and miles and miles!) Not to mention:

  • The Hair! That mussed, summer bang.
  • The Makeup! Understated cat-eye and red lipstick just for watering your plants? Why not?
  • The Clothes! Did I mention that I’m obsessed with this dress?

Make It Your Own

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you can’t steal a page out of Audrey’s book. Break out:

  • A fit-and-flare halter dress striking a balance between sexy and girlish
  • Black eyeliner
  • Tweezers (you think her brows just grew in that way? No.)

…But that’s not all! Check out more of Audrey’s fashion DOs and DON’Ts in Old Hollywood Glamour!

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